July 05, 2023 2 min read

Now it's even easier to keep your FacePad clean, sanitised and ready for each client with our new wipeable covers.

Available in both original and large sizes, these covers are the epitome of convenience… simply use an antibacterial wipe to easily and quickly clean and sanitise the cover between clients — a huge time-saver and a must for a hygienic treatment environment.

Manufactured from a combination of fabric and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), these covers are resistant to bacteria, saliva and water, protecting the FacePad underneath.


Purifas FacePad Goes Large

Because not everyone has the same size head, we’ve introduced a large version of our best-selling FacePad to our product mix. The FacePad is a uniquely shaped cushion that:

  • provides superior support beneath the chin to assist in relieving strain and tension in the neck, and
  • allows easy access to hard-to-reach places, such as the upper cervical spine and the base of the occipital bone.

It’s made from high-density memory foam, which:

  1. extends the longevity of the FacePad,
  2. improves therapy, and
  3. provides your clients with exceptional comfort.

And, after use, it bounces back to shape in less than 60 seconds — ready for your next client.


Our Cotton FacePad Covers Go Large Too!

Having spare, washable cotton FacePad covers on hand means you can replace the cover after each client, so your FacePad is always clean and ready to go.

Cotton covers can be purchased separately, in both original and large sizes, and are super easy to remove, fit, wash and dry!


Always a Match Made in Heaven!

It doesn’t matter if you use the original FacePad or the new large version, our FaceShield fits both.


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