Purifas® BodyShield™ Market Research

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As a therapy service provider, Purifas recognises that not only should a therapist’s clients benefit from a therapy session but so too should the therapist: the client for the obvious reasons of receiving treatment but also the therapist from knowing they have helped someone.

In December 2021, we conducted market research to find out what was important to clients during a therapy session and to hear their thoughts on our BodyShield.

Sixty-four participants (31 males and 33 females), split over a broad age range, attended their usual 30-minute therapy session but with one small difference — they used our BodyShield. At the end of their session, participants were asked to complete a short survey.

We can report the following results:

  • Over 93% of participants preferred the BodyShield, when compared to a washed towel (selected by only one participant) or a wiped therapy bed (selected by only three participants) citing comfort, hygiene or peace of mind for preferring this option.
  • Over 84% of participants expected their therapist to follow best hygiene practice in their clinic, with 64% willing to pay up to $5 to ensure this practice.
  • 56% of participants were willing to pay to ensure the BodyShield was used.
  • 67% expressed that recycling was important to them with nearly 40% willing to change their therapist if the clinic’s product of choice was not recyclable.

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