April 30, 2024 5 min read

Going to the beauty salon is a time to relax, rejuvenate and feel your best. But you're not just treating yourself to a little pampering — you're also entrusting your wellbeing into the hands of your therapist.

Unfortunately, not all beauty salons are created equal when it comes to cleanliness. While some salons go above and beyond to maintain impeccable hygiene standards, others may fall short, unknowingly putting their clients at risk.

From contaminated tools to unsanitary practices — like not using massage table covers — there are several red flags to watch out for when choosing a beauty therapist. In this blog, we'll discuss the importance of hygiene in beauty salons and delve into what makes a salon unhygienic, empowering you to make informed decisions about where to receive your beauty treatments.

Read on to discover how to tell if your beauty therapist is unhygienic.


Why hygiene in beauty salons matters

Ensuring cleanliness in beauty salons is crucial for several reasons. Imagine if your therapist used the same needles on everyone without cleaning them — it wouldn’t sit right, would it?

Even beauty tools such as combs and tweezers can easily spread germs between clients, leading to infections. That's why maintaining high hygiene standards is vital. Whether it's dirty tools or a lack of cleanliness from your therapist, germs like fungi, viruses and bacteria can be easily transferred to you, causing serious issues such as hepatitis C and B or Staphylococcal, Streptococcal and Pseudomonas infections. So, it's not just about feeling pampered — it's about staying healthy too.

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Top 8 Signs of an Unhygienic Beauty Therapist

1: They don't wash their hands

Keep an eye out to see if your beautician washes their hands in front of you before each treatment. Washing hands doesn’t mean just running their hands through some water — your therapist needs to clean them thoroughly with antibacterial soap. 

If your treatment has been interrupted for any reason, pay close attention to see if they rewash their hands before continuing the treatment with you.

Signs of a hygienic beauty therapist

Look for a salon that prominently displays handwashing facilities for both therapists and clients. A clean therapist who cares about your health will wash their hands thoroughly with soap and running water before and after each treatment — even if they wear gloves.

Gloves are generally non-sterile, making them a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Make sure your therapist uses gloves straight from the packaging to ensure a clean and hygienic treatment. 


2: They don’t use single-use hand-drying products

Take a peek at their hand basin setup. What do the therapists dry their hands with? There's no point in scrubbing your hands only to dry them with a dirty towel that's been used a hundred times before.

Signs of a hygienic beauty therapist

A hygienic therapist understands the importance of keeping things fresh and clean from start to finish. So choose a salon that provides single-use paper towels or disposable hand-drying equipment in their hand basin area. That way, you and the therapist can stay clean and healthy throughout the treatment.


3: They use their fingers

Does your beauty therapist dip their fingers into jars of creams or lotions? While it might seem convenient for them, using their fingers can lead to spreading infections and germs.

Hands naturally harbour all sorts of microscopic nasties, and dipping them into product jars can transfer those germs on to your skin. It's all about keeping things hygienic and getting the cleanest, safest treatment possible.

Signs of a hygienic beauty therapist

Look for salons that use single-use spoons or spatulas instead of fingers when dispensing products from jars. This minimises the risk of contamination and ensures a safer treatment experience for everyone.


4: They reuse wax

Recycling may be good for the planet but not when it comes to wax and hygiene. Reusing wax that has already been used on another client can lead to contamination and spread germs.

Signs of a hygienic beauty therapist

Choose a beauty therapist that uses fresh wax for every treatment. Using fresh wax every time will maintain cleanliness and keep you infection-free.


5: They double dip

Have you ever been grossed out by someone double-dipping chips into their sauce? The same goes for beauty therapists who double-dip their spatulas. It's not just a matter of hygiene — it's also against salon regulations.

Hair salons and beauty professionals can be fined for reusing spatulas, waxing cartridges, cotton pads, gloves and wax strips.

Signs of a hygienic beauty therapist 

When it comes to your beauty treatments, your therapist should use fresh supplies for every treatment. So make sure your therapist adheres to single-use policies for equipment such as spatulas, waxing cartridges, cotton pads, gloves and wax strips. This guarantees a hygienic treatment without the risk of cross-contamination.


6: They reuse single-use tools on your skin

Tools like cotton tips, cotton wool and sponges are breeding grounds for unwanted bacteria. That's why these tools must be brand new and disposed of after each client.

Signs of a hygienic beauty therapist  

A good beauty therapist will use single-use tools such as cotton tips, cotton wool and sponges for each client. They’ll also thoroughly clean and disinfect cosmetic brushes after every use.

The eyes are common entry points for bacteria and viruses. Disposable brushes like mascara or eyeliner brushes are ideal for delicate areas like the eyes. And eye pencils should be sharpened fresh for each new customer, ensuring a safe and hygienic application every time.


7: They don't use a hygiene bed cover on their massage table or therpay bed

A bare bed is an unhygienic bed. Sure, they may have disinfected it with a hospital-grade solution, but using strong chemicals on a massage table can damage its surface over time, leaving you lying on a bed of germs. Literally!

Signs of a hygienic beauty therapist 

Look for a therapist who uses single-use hygiene covers on their massage tables, like our FaceShield and BodyShield, to maintain a sanitary environment. These face hole and massage table covers safeguard the bed and protect you from harmful germs and infections.

Therapists who wipe down the bed between each client give an extra layer of cleanliness, so you can breathe easy knowing that you’re safe from any cross-contamination. 


8: They insist on doing your cosmetic injectables in your home or theirs

Many therapists will come to you for ‘botox parties’ or offer cheaper prices from their home salon. While getting your injectables done in your home (or theirs) may be convenient, it’s not the most hygienic place to get jabbed.

Signs of a hygienic beauty therapist 

A qualified beauty therapist will have a designated space — like a separate office — for cosmetic injectable treatments where they can ensure that the environment is clean and sterile. That way, they can ensure the area is clean and sterile, with no unknown nasties or surprises.

When it comes to beauty and skincare, your health and safety should always be your therapist’s top priorities. Knowing the signs of an unhygienic beauty therapist allows you to enjoy your treatments without worrying about infection.


Purifas is dedicated to protecting you from nasty germs, viruses and bacteria with our single-use hygiene covers — like our FaceShield and BodyShield.

Find a Purifas clinic in your area and enjoy your next beauty treatment stress-free.

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