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The Purifas FaceShield is the only product that provides full face-hole coverage, prevents therapy bed stains or marks and reduces the transmission of germs.

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Your therapist will get more than just a sample. They'll also learn more about hygiene in healthcare settings, and have access to our best practice hygiene guidelines, as well as all the scientific and clinical research that shows the Purifas FaceShield:

  • reduces bacterial transmission by 86%
  • is the only head barrier that provides 100% face hole coverage
  • fits any therapy table
  • is easy to use
  • is 100% recyclable
  • is preferred by over 90% of clients just like you!

During treatment you’ll find it super comfy, there will be no rustling and it won’t tear. And you won’t be left with any post-therapy wrinkles!

We’ll also make sure your therapist saves a sample FaceShield just for you, to use at your next appointment!

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