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How do we know that our FaceShield is the most protective in the market?
We test it of course!

Clinical Studies

To date, Purifas has conducted studies on the difference in bacterial transfer from the customer to the therapy bed with and without the use of the FaceShield.

As part of the study, we followed a stringent three step cleaning protocol to ensure the bed was sterile before we commenced treatment to guarantee accurate data collection.

The image below is a petri dish of the swab following sterilisation of the bed.

Sterile agar plate


The first aspect of the study, physiotherapy treatment without the FaceShield, replicates the current lack of protection around the face hole, with a swab taken after five patients to determine bacterial transfer (Figure 1).

This process was repeated with the FaceShield to assess the reduction in bacterial transfer (Figure 2).

Images of the petri dishes comparing the levels of bacterial growth are below. It is evident from the images that there is a significant reduction in bacterial transfer with the use of the FaceShield.


Agar plate without FaceShield

Figure 1: Agar plate without FaceShield

Agar plate with FaceShield

Figure 2: Agar plate with FaceShield

Collaboration with Tertiary Institutions

Purifas is currently working with internationally recognised universities for further testing of the FaceShield. The focus of this collaboration will be to quantify how the FaceShield will reduce the likelihood of clients contracting an infectious illness. 

Australian Registrar of Therapeutic Goods

Listed on the ARTG: 313130