The Risk of Infection During a Face-Down Treatment is Real!

We randomly swabbed the internal part of the face hole of five different therapy beds, from five different private clinics across Australia.
All swabs were sent to an independent lab for analysis.

Here’s what the lab found on the swabs:

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What Kind of Hygiene Covers Were Used on These Beds?

Four out of five beds were using the paper-based head sheets that you’ve probably seen a hundred times before — they have either an x-cut or a cut-out circle in the middle for a client's face. Neither of these options fully cover the inner surface of the face hole, where a client may cough, spit or salivate during therapy. And, if you’ve had any kind of therapy before, you know paper-based head sheets can move and tear during treatment.

A Therapist's Duty of Care to Health and Hygiene

There are five essential steps a therapist should be taking to ensure a client's hygiene during treatment:

Learn more about these five essential steps via our Best Practice Guidelines.