BodyShield Dispenser

Specifically developed alongside the BodyShield and made from strong powder-coated steel, our BodyShield Dispenser conveniently houses a roll of BodyShield, keeping it clean and neatly out of sight.

With two sets of five cutting teeth, which line up perfectly with the BodyShield’s perforations, your therapy bed is fully covered with just a single, gentle pull.

Inserting a new roll is easy — simply remove the packaging, insert a bung into each end of the roll, place the roll into the dispenser and close the lid.

Place this sturdy dispenser on the floor at the foot of your therapy bed or wall mount it for optimum hygiene and ultimate access.

Enjoy quick, effortless and clutter-free BodyShield dispensing, right down to the very last one.

Bundle and enjoy significant savings. Did you know our dispenser is part of two exclusive product bundles: our best-selling Therapy Bed Solution and our Ultimate Solution? It’s a smart way to save!


Product Specifications