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The Science of Hygiene

Behind every Purifas product, extensive clinical design and testing ensures what you're using is the best for your practice and customers.

Our testing indicates that the FaceShield significantly reduces the transmission of bacteria onto the therapy bed between each patient, making it the superior product of its kind. 

Further information regarding our clinical testing can be found here.

Purifas highly regards the opinion of our customers, and so we conducted our own market research to find out what is important to them.

The data shows:

  • Hygiene is important to customers - 65% of clients are willing to pay for a product that will help reduce the spread of germs.
  • Over half of patients who have been with their practitioner for more than 2 years are willing to change their practitioner for someone who uses a more hygienic product.
  • Customers reported a better experience when using the FaceShield
  • Almost 90% of customers preferred the use of the FaceShield over any other product.


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